About application:

Q: What requirements must I meet to successfully apply to SAIF Finance EMBA program?
Q: I’m interested in SAIF Finance EMBA program. How should I apply?
Q: Apart from the formal application form, do I need to send in photocopies of my certificates of education and degrees? What if I have misplaced them?
Q: Must I provide two recommendation letters? I myself am the highest officer of my company and thus have no superior officer, who can write recommendation letters for me?
Q: May international applicants apply for SAIF Finance EMBA program? Do the admission qualifications for international applicants vary from those for domestic applicants?
About admission:
Q: What kind of admission examination does SAIF Finance EMBA program require?
Q: If I have a GMAT score or a master degree, is there any difference is admission test?
Q: What is the examination date and admission procedure of SAIF Finance EMBA?
Q: What is the duration and schedule of SAIF Finance EMBA program
About the program:
Q: When will the latest SAIF Finance EMBA program begin? How many participants will be enrolled?
Q: What are the detail contents of SAIF Finance EMBA program?
Q: Where shall I take the courses?
About tuition:
Q: How much is my tuition for SAIF Finance EMBA program?
Q: How do I pay my tuition?
About Diploma:
Q: What kind of diploma and certificate will I get after I finish SAIF Finance EMBA program?